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       微信名稱:省婦幼粉紅絲帶   微信號:breastcenter



          The Breast Disease Centerof Women and Children Hospital of Guangdong Province,offers a full array of collaborative services, from initial screenings and diagnosis to innovative treatment and supportive counseling, was established in 1998 and approved by Department of Health of Guangdong Province in 2002,formed multidisciplinary team dedicated to breast cancer prevention, treatment, research, and education , devoted to provide comprehensive and best care for women with benign or malignant breast diseases. In 2009, our center became the center of Well-being Project of breast cancer prevention and control and provided technical guidance for other hospital in Guangdong province.

          We realize that each person is unique, so our personalized multidisciplinary team approach ensures that you will receive the care that is best for you. Our multidisciplinary team was composed byBreast Disease Center(breast surgery, chemotherapy), Department of Physical Examination (breast cancer screening), Department of Radiology(mammogram,MRI,CT), Department of Pathology(Pathological analysis),Department of Ultrasound and Laboratory (Breast cancer research,BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes test).

          Our Center have digital mammogram and stereotaxic apparatus, ultrasound, Aurora 1.5T dedicated breast MRI, ductoscopy for nipple discharge, carry out fine needle aspiration, stereotactic needle biopsy, core needle biopsy(CNB), vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, screening and early detection, breast conservation surgery, sentinel lymph node biosy, immediate reconstruction, delayed reconstruction, endocsopy-assisted mastectomy and so on.

          We are the first one to use quadruple technology(ultrasound ,mammogram, ductoscopy and biopsy) in breast cancer early detectionand breast cancer related genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 test in Guangdong province. Dedicated specifically to prevention and breast cancer treatment, the Center's staff also offers clinical trials and genetic counseling in addition to breast cancer treatment. With numerous locations throughout Guangdong Province offering treatment and detection services, we can ensure that treatment is convenient for our patients.Our Center slogan is ‘early prevention and treatment,, keep away from breast cancer’.